Kick start fund


We are a small group of people who have been working hard to rescue and re-home dogs, and are now setting up a charity. We are currently going through the registration process with the UK Charity Commission and just getting started in an official capacity, and as such need some capital to get us set up with things like websites and emails and other services or materials which can’t be volunteered or donated.

We believe in transparency. So with that said – we basically need to raise some money solely for helping us generate more and to better facilitate the running of the charity!

This fund will be going to help us get grounded, get the word out and help us really set things up so we can make a bigger, better more efficient and effective difference. This is the kind of fund that will help us do things like have a PO BOX in Spain for our foster homers to have things delivered to (potentially things like setting up accounts with wholesalers so we can bulk buy food or flea treatments rather than spending more money on petrol and retail foods), paying for the domain for a website (the design will all be volunteered of course) or for printing physical things like homing forms and contracts. It will go directly to services that we have to set up, or materials we can’t beg or borrow.

Not a penny will be going to pay for admin or the time to manage the services – EVERY individual involved is currently a VOLUNTEER, giving their time, energy and expertise for FREE. We just need to give them the tools to be effective and really make a difference!



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