• Sex: Female
  • DOB: 4th October 2014 (approx)
  • Breed: Mix
  • Available to travel: Yes
  • Neutered: Yes

Meg arrived at the train under her own steam. she arrived the same day bruce came home from the vets after his first hip operation, poor Meg had a very swollen and infected eye. It looks like she has had many litters of pups and many fights. it seems tht she has also been beaten, and is missing muscle mass above her bad eye (it has healed now)

Meg has been tested for med diseases and has a very low plaqueta count for which she is being treated. she has been neutered and will complete her innoculations soon and be able to travel to her forever home.

Meg does NOT like male dogs or adult females, she is ok with young pups. for this reason we would prefer her to be the only dog, she likes cats and children and adores people once you gain her trust, which doesnt take long.

Meg is a small but powerful young girl, who can be a little over the top with her affections, i believe when she is in her own home as a only dog she will calm down a lot.


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