• DOB: 18/02/12
  • Breed: Mix
  • Available to travel: Yes
  • Neutered: Yes


Chica was used to guard a field, in 2015 she had a litter of pups that were successfully rehomed thanks to her rescuers, sadly the farmer insisted on keeping Chici.

The rescuer went to see Chici in 2016 and was shocked at what she found, Chici was obviously very ill and her eyes were swollen shut.

She was rushed to the vets and treated for her eye problom and blood tests were taken, sadly it has been discovered that she has Leish for which she has been treated. Chici was taken to a place of safety to recover and to be treated for her eye and her leish. It was then discovered that Chici was also pregnant. she had been through so much and was so close to the birth date that it was decided that she could have her babies.

Chici was a very good mum and all her babies have grown big and strong and all but 2 of them have already found homes.

Chici is fully innoculated and chipped and is ready to find her first real home, she is a beautiful and gentle girl who loves people children dogs and cats.

Chici is looking for foster or adoption.


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