Stryder – Looking for a Home #FOSTER or #ADOPT



  • Name – Stryder
  • Date of Birth – 20/05/15
  • Breed – Alaskan Malamute X Mastin
  • Sex – Male
  • Neutered – yes

Stryder came in to our care after being rescued from a abusive situation.

For the first 2 years of his life he was kept in a very small pen, when ‘his owners’ remembered him he was beaten and thrown stale bread.

Stryder is a very forgiving dog and he has no malice towards humans at all, he can be over-enthusiastic and he has little manners (he is recieving training and rehabilitation at the moment, so we hope he will be able to live as a normal dog in a home environment.)FB_IMG_1496382778635

His current trainer thinks he would be best suited to a large country home with lots of outdoor space, He is a very strong and playful boy but he needs to know his limits.

Ideally we think he needs a single strong male owner of around 40 – 50, preferably with experience of his breed and who is aware of his past life and who I happy to work with him, we are currently only looking for a home within Spain, as we want to be on hand should you require our help and advice.

we are not sure how he would cope with the stress of transportation and a new life in the UK just yet.


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