CHANCE (Community for Helping Animals Needing Care Everywhere) came about because a few dedicated individuals have been voluntarily rescuing and successfully rehoming animals (particularly dogs & cats) across Europe.

We are a small group of people who have been working hard to rescue and rehome dogs, and are now going through the registration process with the UK Charity Commission and just getting started as a charity in an official capacity. 

Unfortunately, as with many endeavours, word gets around and we’ve now come to the point where the demand for help is greater than what we can possibly deal with. We do work with other charities, and although this is wonderful, sometimes animals are just dumped on doorsteps or found in terrible circumstances, and we can’t just turn our backs on them or leave an injured or starving animal in a bin by the side of a motorway… and we can’t step back and watch the same thing happen to other fosters’.

We can continue to make a difference. And we want to grow and work to really change things. But right now, we need to start small and get our foundations laid so we can be really effective and this is why we’re starting this charity. Please come with us on this journey, and get as involved as you like!!