Our re-homing process

Adoption from abroad – sounds scary, but it’s really quite simple – and rewarding! We’ve done our best to de-mystify it for you below.

    1. Take a look at our pets for adoption
    2. Fill out an  adoption application
    3. Assessment
    4. Home check
    5. Adoption Fees
    6. Adoption Contract
    7. Travel Arrangements
    8. Settling In


  • Take a look at our pets for adoption

Start by getting to know us, take a look at our pets for adoption – look at our re-homing tales and get a feel for what to expect and potentially find a new pet pal which resonates with you. Don’t worry if you don’t find a pet which suits you straight away, we’re always getting new rescues in and the rescue world is small – so chances are we’ll be able to suggest pets which might match your lifestyle pretty quickly.

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  • Fill out an  adoption application

Whether or not you find ‘the pet for you’ fill out an adoption form. This isn’t a commitment, but it just helps us get an idea for you and your circumstances so we can find the right pet for you – or make sure that your home suits the pet you are interested in.

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  • Assessment

What’s next? Your adoption application will be processed and assessed, then someone will be in contact with any additional questions, we are all volunteers so please allow 5-10 working days although we are usually much faster than this!

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  • Home check

We will then work to arrange a home check at a mutually agreeable time so that we can check that your home is suitable for the pet you are hoping to re-home.

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  • Adoption Fees

Assuming everything is OK, we feel the pet is a good match with you, and you want to proceed you will then need to pay a £50/66Eu non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation. We will then process the reservation and the pet will be officially reserved and removed from the adoption pool.

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  • Adoption Contract

We will then send you our adoption contract to sign and an additional non-refundable £50/66Eu will be due to complete our adoption fee. After this point the pet officially belongs to you, but remains in our care until it leaves on the transport.

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  • Travel Arrangements

Following this we will work with you to arrange transport* for your new family member. We will be available for any help or advice that you might require – we’re a friendly bunch and love to keep in touch and see how your new pal is settling in!

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  • Settling In

We like to come and check on you and you new pet after the adoption so that we can see how your pal is settling in. We’re all animal lovers so we can often offer advice and support on any problems you might have, and we love to see a pet thriving in their new environment.

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*Transport price varies depending on the travelling distance and the size of the dog you are homing and we usually won’t know an exact price until we book them in with our transport provider, however we can usually give you an estimated cost based on previous re–homes in your area. Transport costs are usually between £200-£400 and cover kennelling, Traces, vet checks and transport from Spain to your mainland home (Transport to islands such as IOM, Jersey or IOW may require the arrangement of a drop off point for you to pick them up on the mainland).

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