Pay Fees in GBP

Use this page to pay an reservation fee, adoption fee or the total amount in one go. You can also pay for your travel costs here – just remember to put a reference in the comments section so we know what purpose/pet it is for.

**Due to the volatility of the GBP against the Euro we ask that payments are whatever the current market rate of GBP against the Euro are. Most of our bills for the care of the animals are in Euro’s and this helps us ensure that we can afford the care and treatment they all need! **

On the 29th July 2016 the adoption cost is £112 to cover the same cost in Euros following the ‘Brexit’ vote – we apologise for this, but most of our bills are in Euros. However, please check the most recent equivalent cost of 132 or 66 Euros in GBP before paying below – the price given is just to act as a guide – we will endeavour to keep the costs up to date as the value changes.

Don’t have Paypal? Don’t worry, you can pay by card on the Paypal website.

Reservation Fee – £56

This fee is payable when you have completed the adoption form and Donate Buttonhad a satisfactory home check. This is non-refundable – but counts towards the balance of your total adoption fee of £100. This is just so that we can reserve the pet you wish to adopt for you and remove them from our active adoption lists. The further adoption fee is payable on the signing of your adoption contract when the pet becomes yours!

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Adoption Fee (balance) – £56

This adoption fee is payable when you have completed the adoption form and had a satisfactory home check and are signing the adoption contract to confirm that you are officially adopting a pet. Donate ButtonThis fee is non-refundable, after the signing of the contract, as this money goes directly towards paying for the necessary fees and bills related to getting your animal ready to travel and leave our care for a new home.

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Reservation & Adoption Fee in One Payment – £112

Donate ButtonChoose this payment if you want to pay the entire amount in one go. Half of this is non-refundable, the further half only becomes non-refundable after you have signed the adoption contract.

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 Travel Costs

Donate ButtonUse this button to pay for transport costs. Once we’ve given you an amount, just type it in and add a note for it’s purpose.

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